Diversity of Thought
Importance of the Core

Mr. Rajesh Gupta

Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Founder and Director of Adroit Control Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has been the guiding force behind this prestigious organization, taking it through many milestones to be the leading engineering company in Industrial Automation and Control. A strong educational foundation, backed by his passion for solving business problems, led him to take initiatives to dive into the data and get meaningful insights to automate processes. His work earned him plaudits and recognition with this organization, making forays in the global market. As his role evolved, through experiences with clients and other stakeholders, he has ensured the continuous innovations and technological advancement for client satisfaction. Under his aegis, the organization has grown to create a niche for its products.

Mr. Dayanand Arya


Mr. Dayanand Arya has been at the helm of the company as its Founder Director since its inception. Managing the expectations and collaborating with key marketing stakeholders across the product, technology, design and operations have significantly contributed to the company’s growth. He has strived hard to ensure team collaboration and support for the successful execution of processes. This immensely challenging experience has been possible due to the empathetic thought leader that he is. All these experiences allowed him to go beyond work, comprehending how to align with the organisation’s objectives and strategies, successfully utilising his business acumen to develop a successful business. With an extensive experience in the industry, he has mastered the art of optimal strategies, generating maximum margins for the company while enjoying the complete support of the team.

Mr. Shikhar Arya

Mr. Shikhar Arya is an alumni of the prestigious Thapar University with B-Tech Mechatronics applied. He applied his skill and knowledge while working at Maruti Suzuki. With extensive experience in myriad Industries, he has aptly demonstrated skills in machine design, control systems and computing to develop automated systems. Young and dynamic, he has always strived to excel in the more challenging roles up in the executive and technology driven suite. He has incessantly proven an ability to utilize resources and capitalize on opportunities to enhance profitability, productivity and credibility.

Diverse in Thoughts, yet Collaborative in Spirit.

Fast, experienced and efficient, our executive leadership team brings together collective expertise earned over many years in key disciplines. From science, mechanical and electrical engineering to product development, human resources, customer service and support to operations and strategy, finance and logistics, our team of 100+ stalwarts are proactively focused on bringing the bespoke solutions to our customers.