Keeping up with modern requirements

LV Switchgear & Control Gear Assemblies

CPRI approved, we manufacture switchboards and control panels with conventional as well as intelligent protection, control and communication. Accompanied with cost-effective design or retrofit systems tailored as per your needs and requirements.

Compliance to Indian & International standards | Modular construction, Flexible bus design | Safety features incorporated | Up to 50kA short-circuit withstand capacity & IP-55 degree of protection | Durable paint finish, Electrostatic powder coating | Cubicle design, Elegant looks

Product Range:
LT Switchboards | Power Control Centres | Motor Control Centres | Power Distribution Boards | Automatic Mains Failure Panels and more

Industrial Power Supply

Industrial Automation Control Panels

Computerized automation solution with built-in software with GUIs, database and reports helps in having real-time information. The software assures effective functionality & scalability and integrates with hardware as per specific needs. Fused with engineered applications and design that result in decreased panel size, increased panel functionality and improved panel aesthetics.

Best-in-class panel construction | Engineering techniques | Quality control | Technical support capabilities | Custom test procedures for each functionality | Skilled engineering staff in multiple market disciplines | Automatic Power Factor Correction panel


Product Range:
Annunciation & Mimic control panels | PLC & VFD Control Panels | Control Desk / Operator Consoles and more | DG Synchronisation Panel and more

Industrial Power Supply | Amusement Rides | Automatic Paint Shops | Car Parking Systems | Cranes & Elevators | Plant & Machine Automation

Our Technology Partners

Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of AC Inverter Drives and Motion control products and is our associate in providing and delivering automation solutions and support to our customers in North America, Central America and South America.